Help for specific problems

Research shows that massage loosens muscle tension, increases circulation, and calms the nervous system. These simple effects can help you cope with many irritating problems. Specifically, therapeutic massage promotes:

Relief of pain from tight muscles.

Muscles are gently kneaded and stretched, relieving spasm and allowing circulation to increase.

Improved health and mobility of joints.

Massage relieves muscle tension that restricts movement, and improves natural joint lubrication as circulation increases. Improved posture and coordination. Relief of chronic muscle tension allows greater ease of movement.

Relief from itchy, dry skin.

Massage increases circulation to the skin, improving both tone and elasticity and moisturizing naturally. Using lotion or massage oil can also soften and soothe the skin.

More restful sleep.

Reduced muscle tension increases comfort and deepens sleep.

Reduced swelling from excess water retention.

Massage gently moves fluid into the circulation system where it can be eliminated. faster healing from injuries or surgery. Increased circulation improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells and removes waste products.

Easier 'breathing.

As massage calms the nervous system, breathing slows and deepens. Relief of tension in the shoulder, neck and chest muscles also allows for fuller chest expansion.

Increased vitality, energy and mental alertness.

Increased circulation brings improved nutrition to your cells and oxygen to your brain. This. can boost your energy level and temporarily improve mental clarity. As a result, you may find it easier to engage in more demanding physical and mental activities which can further increase your energy.